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Working with Clients


Before I can start to work on a project, I must completely understand the problem the client is experiencing or the requirements that must met to satisfy the client. This is sometimes a time consuming process but there is no way this task can be estimated and no fee will be charged.



Proper results require the following steps:

  • Understand the client’s needs, problems and requirements
  • Secure agreement from the client for my understanding
  • Proposing an acceptable solution to the client
  • Put the solution into an executable set of designs
  • Build prototypes of the designs
  • Test the prototypes
  • Correct deficiencies in the designs and prototypes
  • Retest
  • Implement the designs 


I perform, or write the test requirements and procedures for, any testing required for a project in which I participate.

There is no specific formula for testing a product, device or modification. Each project has an objective. The design of the testing must assure that the objective is met and is sustainable.

This sometimes involves my performing tests on small devices or subsystems. Some tests are performed by the prototyping house building the first models of a device and others are performed by the company manufacturing a device.

I do not perform testing to certify compliance with UL, CE or IECE standards. These tests require recognized and certified laboratories to which I can direct a client.


I develop concepts to solve problems and ideas and designs for new products and requirements. I may, when appropriate, construct and test small models or subsystems within a project. However, for most projects I rely on known electrical or mechanical design or prototyping houses to produce the working schematics, printed wiring designs, mechanical drawings and parts lists from the descriptions and sketches that I have provided to them.

When I find it appropriate to engage a design or manufacturing house I require that they enter into a direct confidential and financial relationship with the client. I act only as a technical middle man to assure the required results for the client. I will not accept any compensation from a third party.