Creative and effective solutions to your electrical control problems.


My fee structure has some flexibility built into it and can be customized for the client.


In General:
Work done in my local environment: $100.00/hour

Work done at the client's designated site: $150.00/hour


Some tasks may be worked on, on a fixed-price basis. Those tasks and their related prices are to be negotiated. Initial exploratory discussions with potential clients to determine if there is a fit between the client’s needs and my skills and available time are at no cost to the potential client.


Travel, lodging, meals and incidental expenses necessary for accomplishing a task will be billed in addition to the hourly or task charges. An estimate for these expenses can be prepared in advance.


All inquiries, discussions and initial negotiations are handled in strict confidence. I will not serve competing clients during the course of your project or after its completion. A formal non-disclosure agreement is expected to be executed with every client.


All patentable ideas resulting from work for a client will become the property of the client with no rights reserved for myself.