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New Portable Electronic Medical Device




A client approached asking if two patents, which he had already purchased a license to use, would actually function as needed in the medical device he was developing or if they would even function electronically at all. I studied the patents and informed the client that, "they will perform electronically as described." However, I informed the client that I had no knowledge as to their medical benefit. The client asked me to investigate.

With input from a medical consultant and many hours of study I informed the client that the technology in the patents had not been studied for the intended medical purpose. However, there was another technology that had been thoroughly investigated, with good clinical results, that could be utilized in a small portable device. The client gave the go-ahead to do a preliminary design and electrical tests.

  1. A design was produced.

  2. I prepared all the materials required by the patent attorney. The patent was issued.

  3. Models were tested.

  4. Investigational devices were produced.

  5. They are now in clinical trials.