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B E E Degree – University of Florida

Over 50 years of industry experience in electronics.

Fifteen years of consulting, solving electrical/electronic problems.


Sperry - Microwave Electronics Research Division (3 years)

Studied the microwave properties of ferrites, designed new equipment for the study of ferrites and designed portable test equipment for airborne radar systems.


General Electric - Light Military Electronics Division (3 years)

  • Design of airborne radar systems.
  • Design of remote-based voice and data communications systems.


Xerox Corporation (33 years)

Webster Research Center (Sr. Engineer & Sr. Scientist)

  • Contracted intelligence gathering projects.
  • Development of automated image quality measurement systems.
  • Color image measurement systems.
  • Developed proof-of-concept hardware to demonstrate novel image reproduction technologies.

New Product Development Department (Sr. Scientist & Principal Engineer)

Chief Electrical Systems Engineer for two major new product development projects:

  • The 5090 family of duplicators and printers
  • The Lakes family of mid-sized black and white and color copiers and printers.

This effort included everything from describing the electrical architecture, writing the basic software requirements to, designing internal control systems (fuser temperature, toner delivery, document illumination and photoreceptor charging).


Consulting Career (17 years)


  • Consulted with the Xerox Corporation.

  • Consulted with a provider of fuel cell power generation systems to enhance the system availability and increase perceived reliability.

  • Consulted with the marketer of small, portable, medical devices to improve current products, solve problems with some existing products and their power systems. Designed and led the development of a new product from concept to clinical trials, including patent preparation and submission.