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Douglas Webb

Welcome to the website of Douglas E. Webb.

Doug retired after a successful forty year career as an electrical engineer. Today, he still likes to tackle a good problem.

For the a third of a century, Doug worked for the Xerox Corporation as a Principal Engineer; usually as the Chief Electrical Systems Engineer of a major product family:

  • 5090
  • Docutech
  • 240/265

He handled these projects from concept through production.

In these positions, he guided the design of machine control systems, power and energy conservation (EnergyStar) systems, document illumination, image writing and fuser temperature/power control functions.

Doug retired from Xerox in 1997. Since then he has worked as an independent consultant. He has consulted for Xerox, a producer of fuel cell power systems, a supplier of power control systems, a producer of automotive aftermarket power and efficiency boost modifications, and a manufacturer of consumer medical devices.