Creative and effective solutions to your electrical control problems.

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Problems, both seen and unseen, generate risk. I am interested in helping you identify and solve those problems.


This is the age of quality. If you are running the risk of not delivering a top quality product, you are running the risk of extinction.

I am looking to work on interesting electrical and control problems faced by small and mid-sized enterprises.

My experience can be applied in the following areas:

  • Creative

  • Conceptual

  • Design

  • Prototype Development

  • Production Management

  • Instruction


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Doug retired after a successful forty year career as an electrical engineer. Today, he still likes to tackle a good problem.

For the a third of a century, Doug worked for the Xerox Corporation as a Principal Engineer; usually as the Chief Electrical Systems Engineer of a major product family:

  • 5090
  • Docutech
  • 240/265


He handled these projects from concept through production.

In these positions, he guided the design of machine control systems, power and energy conservation (EnergyStar) systems, document illumination, image writing and fuser temperature/power control functions.

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Before I can start to work on a project, I must completely understand the problem the client is experiencing or the requirements that must met to satisfy the client. This is sometimes a time consuming process but there is no way this task can be estimated and no fee will be charged.



Proper results require the following steps:


  • Understand the client’s needs, problems and requirements 
  • Secure agreement from the client for my understanding 
  • Proposing an acceptable solution to the client 
  • Put the solution into an executable set of designs 
  • Build prototypes of the designs 
  • Test the prototypes 
  • Correct deficiencies in the designs and prototypes 
  • Retest 
  • Implement the designs



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